Utilization of panchakakarma therapy in nasa roga with special Reference to susrutha samhita

Pundareekaksha Rao.P

Panchakarma is the detoxifying techniques of the body, which is mentioned for strengthening the
immune system and restoring balance and well being. It includes Vamana, Virechana, Nasya,
Anuvasana Vasti and Asthapana Vasti. These procedures are indicated in different type of the
diseases, to eliminate the morbid dosas from the body. Raktha mokshana is included in sodana karma
by Acharya Susrutha, this procedure is especially indicated in Nasapaka. According to Sushruta,
bloodletting (ie. Siravydha) is a prime or half of the treatment. These sodhana procedures are
frequently observed in the management of jatrurthvagatha roga. Usually in Nasaroga, excess morbid
dosas from head are eliminated by nearest possible opening, the nose; this procedure is called as
Nasyakarma. Even though Nasyakarma is the ultimate therapy for nasa roga, all other eliminating
procedures are also prescribes in nasa roga.

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