Use of autologous platelet rich fibrin (prf) and its combination with hydroxyapatite as a regenerative modality in endodontically induced perapical lesion. a case series

Harsh B Unadkat*., Gayatri Pendse., Manish Pendse and Lalitagauri Mandke

Introduction: Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), a second generation platelet concentrate, is a cicatrical matrix in which platelets, cytokines and cells are trapped which are released over a certain time and has the potential to accelerate soft and hard tissue healing. It does not require addition of anti-coagulant, thus the chances of cross-infection are less. Also it is inexpensive and requires less chair side preparation time. The following case series explores a novel autogenous method for Regeneration using PRF, PRF and hydroxyapatite in endodontically induced cystic lesions.

Method: Necrotic permanent anterior teeth of three systemically healthy patients between ages 20 to 40 years were treated by conventional orthograde root canal therapy followed by periradicular surgery. The osseous defect was filled with PRF in one case and PRF with hydroxyapatite in other two cases. Clinical and radiographic follow up for 6 months was done post-surgically.

Results: All the 3 lesions demonstrated radiographic and clinical evidence of favourable hard and soft tissue healing. There was evidence of considerable bone fill and absence of clinical symptoms.

Conclusion: Results of this case series show that PRF or PRF with Hydroxyapatite can prove to be an effective regenerative treatment modality for periapical cystic lesions.


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