Unicystic amelobalstoma with mural proliferation: a successful Conservative approach

Channaveer Pattanshetti., Banashree Pattanshetti, Vivek Gurjar, *Amol Karagir and Anirudha Varekar

Unicystic ameloblastoma is one of the types of ameloblastomas, which is often asymptomatic, slow
growing and locally aggressive. There are high rates of recurrence if the tumor is inadequately treated.
Biological behavior of Ameloblastoma depends on histopathological variations which in turn affect
treatment plan, and prognosis. Hence, there is difficulty in determining the most appropriate form of
treatment for unicystic ameloblastoma. We present a case of unicystic Ameloblastoma with mural
proliferation that occurred in the left posterior mandible of 25-year-old woman, which was treated
successfully by conservative approach and did not recur till today.

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