Technology addiction among nursing professionals: implications for screening & promotion of its healthy use

Ramachandra., Valliammal Shanmugam., Manoj Kumar Sharma., Sailaxmi Gandhi., Sathyavathy and Bingi Rajeswari

Technology use has seen an increase in it usage pattern across all age group.It is associated with various psychosocial dysfunctions secondary to technology use. The present study is exploring the technology use pattern  among nursing trainees as well as the psychosocial dysfunctions. 240 (male & female nursing) students  were taken randomly with the inclusion criteria of using  technology in the last one year and students who are absent at the time of data collection/unwilling to participate were excluded. They were assessed using internet addiction ,screening question for mobile addiction as well as video game addiction. Results indicates the presence of 5.2% problematic use of internet use. In term of application use,apps/gmail are the frequently used whereas gaming, hangout and other messagner apps are not in frequent use.Correlation analysis revealed significant . association with items of loneliness. 1.3% found to have problematic status for food, TV and shopping.It has implications for screening technology addiction among nursing professional ans motivate them for healthy use of technology.


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