Tarpana [satiating the eyes]: the supreme ocular therapy

Jayakrishnan A and Krishna Prabha A

Tarpana is one of the popular ocular therapies that is performed in Ayurveda. Among the “kriyakalpa,”tarpanahas a very superior position as it is tissue targeted, fast acting, simple but innovative method of drug administration to various parts of eyes including the posterior segment. The eye being a very vital and sensitive part was of main focus while designing kriyakalpas– which include -seka, aschyotana, pindi and bidalaka. Tarpana, putapakaare usually lipid medicaments to enable easy, faster and far penetrating effect into the posterior segment of eyes. These kriyakalpasare not sophisticated drug delivery systems, but are deployed in novel methods to keep medications intact to specifically targeted parts of the eye through a medium that can control the administration and achieve marvellous results. With this view an attempt was made to discover the scientific facts which can ascertain the ayurvedic concepts. After a critical review of various researches, scientific texts and ayurvedic classics it is concluded that tarpana acts on the principle of bahyasnehana. It can successfully cross the defensive barriers present in eye for absorption and nourishes the ocular and periocular structures, strengthens the sphincters & brings about changes in dioptric power and visual acuity.

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