Systemic therapy for operable stage of non-small cell lung cancer, a short review of the main approaches

Alexandru C. Grigorescu

This review try to describe the mai studies which demonstrated the role of chemotherapy before surgery and after surgery in rezectable nonsmal-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The final paragraph was dedicated to new therapies represented by target therapy and immunotherapy who represent the modern terapeutic approach. The trials dedicated to neo adjuvant chemotherapy revealed clearly benefit adding chemotherapy prior to surgical resection with statistical significance reached almost in all trials described. The adjuvant chemotherapy had a lower track but statistical significance was reached for some study demonstrated a small but a real benefit for postoperative chemotherapy applied.

New therapies: targeted therapy and immunotherapy represent options that gain more evidence. For bevacizumab added to chemotherapy didn’t the results were not positive. For TKI inhibitors and EML4-ALK translocation inhibitors the results are promising. The use of immunotherapy is under investigation but the last results in clinical trials encourage researchers to continue the investigation in this direction.

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