A survey about transsexualism among general practitioners working in primary care at the community of madrid (spain)

Ly Pen D, Silva-Fernández L, Menacho Román M,Lucio-Pérez MJ, Ly Liu D and Becerra-Fernández A

Objective: To ascertain the knowledge and clinical approach to Transsexuality, among General Practitioners working in Primary Care in the Madrid Health Service, Spain.

Methods: A survey was sent to general practitioners (Madrid Health Service).
A descriptive statistics was used. Chi-square test to evaluate the association among the different variables (statistic software Stata V.11)

Results: 74 tests were completed. 47% had never attended a transsexual patient. Only 8 % had specific training, and 6 % believed had sufficient knowledge to approach and treat these patients.44% didn´t know where to refer these patients to.68% would be happy to go to free courses to improve their knowledge for a better management of transsexualism.
No correlations were found between GP´s sex, number of transsexual patients attended, specific training nor other variables.

Conclusions: Transsexuality is a poorly known entity among General Practitioners in the city of Madrid (Spain).


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