Study of association of occupation (civil construction workers) and janu sandhi

Kanchan P. Pachpor and Priti R Desai

The present study was planned to evaluate the association of occupation of civil construction workers with that of Janu Sandi. Although a wide variety of different occupations and activities have been investigated the proposed mechanisms for including biomechanical forces across the knee joint. Therefore it may be appropriate to synthesis the relevant research to see if the construction working population would get benefit from a reduction in such risks. This study is a humble effort to assess the structural and functional anatomical changes in Janu Sandi of construction workers with various work categories performing various occupational activities. For this 50 construction site workers of various work categories, age between 20 to 50 years were recruted. A purposive sampling strategy was used to satisfy the specific needs of the study and recruit the population of interest. All participants were evaluated on various parameters viz. Pain, Swelling, Stiffness, Deformity, Synovial thickening, Joint line tenderness, Crepitus and knee joint movements along with X ray findings of patients.

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