A study to assess the effectiveness of pranayama on reduction of depression Among transgender at scohd society in puducherry

Senthil T and Prabavathy

Objectives; To assess the level of depression, Evaluate the effectiveness of Pranayama on
reducing the depression, associate the level of depression among the transgender with the
selected demographic variables.
Methods; depression level measures’ by beck depression inventory were recorded in 60 samples
Quantitative research approach with two group pre-test post-test experimental designs. By using
simple random sampling technique, 60 samples who were under transgender with depression in
SCOHD society at puducherry. participants practiced a series of techniques consist of quit sitting,
om chanting , mukhabhastrika, nadishuddhi, brahma mudra, pranava pranayama in sitting posture
and savitri pranayama in shavasana. The data was collected, organized and were analyzed in
terms of both descriptive and inferential statistics. paired t test was used to compare data that
passed normality testing and Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-rank test for others. P value less
than 0.05 were accepted as indicating significant differences for pre-post comparisons.
Result; All recorded depression parameters witnessed a reduction following the session. The
study result showed that the pre test mean score was 23.833and standard deviation is 6.1705 and
in the post test mean score was 16.0333 and standard deviation is 3.9347. And Paired t – test
value is 9.0885 and P value is 0.000 and there is high statistical significant effectiveness of yoga
therapy on depression among transgender.
Conclusion: Through this study it was proven that Pranayama reduces the level of depression
among transgender suffering from depression.

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