Some histological aspects of doxorubicin cardiomyopathy and its Experimental treatment

Oleynikov DA

Chemotherapy in oncology patients is always followed by side effects of therapeutic agents. One
of the most common effect is cardiotoxicity. Mainly it caused by anthracycline therapy.
Doxorubicin (the most common anthracycline) cardiotoxicity usually difficult to estimate due to
its pathogenesis. Doxorubicin – induced heart failure can manifest even in several years due to
compensatory mechanisms. Clinical detection of this effect is difficult before heart contractile
function decrease. In this article, we are going to estimateeffects of correction scheme, which
include testosterone and experimental myocardium extract on doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity
in Wistar rats model. In experiment, we used 4 groups of female rats. We histologically studied
normal conditions myocardium in intact rats and then compared it with experimental animal’s

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