Solar Electric System Installation

Srijita Dutta

The cost of electricity production is increasing day by day due to the absence of conventional
energy. If we continue to depend on the conventional sources, one day will definitely come when we
will have to spend our life without electricity. This problem may be solved if we can produce
electricity by using non-conventional energy such as Solar, wind, tidal. But there is a question about
the availability of such energies in the desirable place except solar energy. As the Sun is available
almost every part of the world for at least 6-8 hours every day, solar power can be installed in
industries, institutes and houses also without facing so much difficulties. It can be installed on roofs
or walls of buildings without using extra land. Power generation is also nearby the load, no
requirement of transmission. Hence transmission related losses are minimized. Photovoltaic (PV)
cell converts solar energy to electrical energy. Though the installation cost of this system is high
enough, it can be neutralized if the system is used for 20-25 years. This survey paper is written to
inspire people about solar electric system installation. They can learn from this paper what the
factors are there to install it.

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