Socio demographic risk factors among deliberate self-harm in young women with tertiary care

Sai Baalasubramanian., Arun Narayan Pradeep K.S., Srinivasan Jayaraman and Thamilselvan Palanichamy

A high suicide rate in any society is an index of social disorganization. About one million people
commit suicide each year. More than one lakh lives are lost every year to suicide in India. The
prevalence is due to various socio-cultural stigmas, religious sanctions, legal issues, and insufficient
registration systems. Suicide is the second most important cause of death in the younger age group
(15-19years), second only to vehicular accidents. So the present study is to identify the risk factors in
socio demographic characteristics involved in Deliberate Self-Harm in young women attending a
tertiary care hospital in South India. 50 patients those who are female patients aged between 12 – 24
years presenting with deliberate self harm using purposive sampling technique. Socio demographic
data and Kuppuswamy’s Socio Economic Status Scale (Modified for 2007) were used for the tools.
The study concluded that the young women from Hindu religion, rural background, low SES,
educated, school students and house wives are more prone to indulge themselves in the act of
deliberate self harm.

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