Serial amnioreduction on the fetal case atresia esophagus

Malonda T.A ., Sanjaya I.N.H., Pangkahila E.S and Mulyana R.S

This case report is due to regocnize how importan pre natal diagnostic and concervative management, amniocentesis and serial amnion reduction and post natal management when facing congenital abnormalities case. Congenital abnormality intrauterine can be identified with amniocentesis. Amniocentesis is an invasife procedure that reqiured amnion fluid sample for analysis fetul chromosome. Was not done before 15 weeks of gestational age, this procedure is done by ultrasound guidelines. Ateresia esophagus is congenital abnormality marked by no connection between distal and proximal part of esophagus. Ateresia esophagus can happened with fistula, where there was an abnormal junction of esophagus with thrachea. The fetus with ateresia esophagus is unable to swallow, characterized by increasing amount of amnion fluid, called polidydramnion. Amnion reduction is a new technique, bades on the utilization of the system aspiration bottles a vacum to all patients who develop polihidramnion.

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