Selective lymph node dissection vs. Radical lymph node dissection in Case of oral cavity malignancies

Amit Katlana., Sankalp Srivastava., Sani Pasrija., Prateek Porwal and Jitendra Gothwal

Aim- Comparison between selective lymph node dissection and radical lymph node
dissection on the overall prognosis of the oral cavity malignancies. Material & methods-
The material for the present study considered of 52 cases of carcinoma of oral cavity
registered with the index medical college, hospital and research centre, Indore, between
January 2015 to July 2016. Results – for N0 & N1 nodes selective lymph node dissection
& radical lymph node dissection are equally effective., for N2b and higher nodes radical
node dissection is better. Conclusion- the management of the cervical nodes should be
highly individualized and cafeteria approach Selective neck dissection, when used in
combination with postoperative radiotherapy, is an efficacious way to manage metastatic
squamous cell carcinoma to the neck.

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