Satisfaction of iraqi women regarding antenatal care services applied at primary health care centers in baghdad

Lujain Anwar Alkhazrajy and Alaa Mohammed khazaal

Background: Antenatal care is a combination of monitoring for problems in mother and fetus, Quality
of health care can be accessed by satisfaction with the manner in which the service is delivered
Objectives: to assess women's satisfaction with the quality of antenatal care &to find if there is certain
association between client satisfactions & other demographic Methodology: A cross sectional study
was conducted at 10 primary health care centers in Baghdad for 5 months period using a selfadministered
questionnaire, Chi-square test was applied looking for significance ,0.05 was
considered as cut off point for level of significance. Results: (45%) of the participants were in the
range of age 20-29 years , (65%) were housewives (35%) of the women were employee. Participants
with secondary education were more than third of the women(38%) and higher education were less
than forth of the women (21%) There was significant association between the age, occupation and
satisfaction of pregnant women regarding environmental, the house wives were satisfied more than
employee with environmental aspect easy to access PHCC ,Conclusions although the overall
satisfaction with the quality of antenatal care was high, some aspects of provided ante natal care were
inadequate, the present study showed that good communication with the clients significantly
influence patient satisfaction. It was also evident that the older the lady was, the lower educated and
housewives women were more satisfied. There was an obvious deficiency in the female health
education which need continuous improvement in this field

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