A retrospective study of psychosocial variables, modes of attempt and diagnosis of suicidal attempters admitted in tertiaty care teaching hospital in south india


Aim: To analyze psycho social variables, methods of attempt and diagnosis of patients admitted for attempted suicide.
Method: It is a retrospective study and includes 1462 patients admitted for attempted suicide during the period of January 2007 to December 2009 have been  registered in psychiatry department of Stanley medical college and hospital analyzed retrospectively regarding age, sex, marital status, modes of attempt and diagnosis, results will be discussed.
Results: Among total no of attempted suicide female outnumber male that is 58% of attempted suicide were female, regarding marital status 56% of attempted suicide persons were married, 82% of attempted suicide were less than 30 years of age, regarding method insecticides  poisoning  was  most common mode of suicidal attempt that is 47% followed by tablet poisoning that is 30%,and 31% of suicidal attempters diagnosed as primary psychiatric diagnosis, alcohol dependent syndrome  is common diagnosis among male and depression is common diagnosis among female.
Conclusion: Since suicide is a multi-causal phenomenon, its therapy and prevention should be complex and these psychosocial differences should be taken into consideration while building up our strategies.


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