Respecting The Attached Gingiva The Periodontist’s Way

Bansal S R., Bansal P., Baiju CS and Khashu H

Do we, as general dentists or even specialists, barring periodontists of course, give due respect to the
gingival tissue while managing some of the large localized diffuse reactive gingival swellings that
they so much warrant. Or is it that we treat our patient for one problem and create another one –
iatrogenic!!! This article stresses upon the fact that since biopsies of different tissue types and sites
require specific techniques from both diagnostic as well as curative point of view, attached gingiva
should be emphasized as a tissue requiring specific technique and all gingival biopsies especially
diffuse ones be performed preferably by a periodontist or by other dentists only after proper training.
Attached gingiva plays a significant role in maintenance of function and aesthetics and hence
demands for logical and informed planning prior to performing a biopsy on it.

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