Relationship of impacted third molar with inferior alveolar nerve: - a retrospective study

Vikash Ranjan., Manaswini Jangid., Rangoli Bhargava., Sugandha Arya., Ankita Bhora and Nandeibam Premita Devi

Purpose- Present Retrospective study have been done to find the reliability of panoramic radiographs on determining the proximity of mandibular third molar root with inferior alveolar nerve canal and radiographic risk predictors.
Methods- Retrospective study was performed on 101 subjects with total of 150 impaction of mandibular third molar. OPGs were obtained from previous data. The radiographs were interpreted for type of impaction, angulation of impacted tooth in jaw, side predominance and gender predominance
Result- The mean age of impaction obtained was 28.32 years with its p value 0.116. Male predominance was seen with 67.33% cases with p value 0.728. Amongst angulation mesioangular impaction had maximum number of cases (48.66%). Interruption of white lines was most significant radiographic risk predictors with 25.33% cases.
Conclusion- Panoramic radiography is a reliable diagnostic aid in estimating the proximity and risk factors associated with third molar surgery. Mesioangular impactions are more common and interruption of white line to be the most reliable risk predictor.

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