Rejuvenating smiles’ using cad/cam technology

Prashant A. Karni and Swapnil Shankargouda

A beautiful smile seems to reflect a certain style of living and the enhancement of facial beauty is more of the primary goals of patients seeking dental care. The lower one third of the face has a major impact on the perception of facial aesthetics and the role of beautiful smile is therefore undeniable.

Once the ideal relationship between the restoration and the facial soft tissue is achieved, improvements in natural beauty can be expected to follow. By improving deficient facial proportion and intergumental form, surgeons, orthodontists and restorative dentist have the unique opportunity to address these aesthetic needs while creating a pleasing smile.

Prosthodontist is probably the best person to identify the quality of smile. Further he is also able to change the quality of smile with the recently available innovative techniques and the state of art restorative materials and to plan restoration, to harmonize with the smile. With advancement in knowledge and techniques, dental professionals have the ability to approach smile design in a variety of ways, one of which is use of CAD/CAM. This paper depicts the concepts and practices of aesthetic dentistry by the use of advanced tools.

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