Reimplantation of a mandibular molar with broken instrument: a case report

Sathish Abraham., Salil Chaudhari., Aradhana Babu Kamble and Disha Mehta

Curvatures of root canals in a multi-rooted tooth are a challenge to the dentist for successful negotiation and completing the treatment in a comprehensive manner. However, angulations in such root canals increase the chances of separation of the instrument during the cleaning and shaping procedures. In order to provide the best prognosis for such teeth with peri-apically fractured instrument, various treatment modalities of instrument retrieval are thought off, of which surgical intentional reimplantation is one of the effective procedure. Best long term prognosis for an extracted tooth can be achieved by decreasing the exposure of tooth to the extra-oral environment.This case report presents intentionalreimplantation of a mandibular molar with the separated instrument in the peri-apical region of the tooth.

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