Rational use of antibiotics in tabuk city and evaluation of the public awareness, ksa

Dr.Ameinah Omar AlTabbal and Dr. Nagwa Gad Muhammad

Introduction: Irrational use of antibiotics is a worldwide problem that contributes to dramatically increasing resistance and causes significant mortality, morbidity and increased health-care costs.(1,2) The promotion of rational use of antibiotics in the community plays an essential and complementary role to rational use initiatives in health care facilities and food production, and is crucial to limit the spread of resistance worldwide.

1. To promote the proper use of antibiotics and awareness of public towards the importance of commitment to medical prescription.
2. To determine the factors leading to irrational use and review those that should help achieve research objectives.

Research design: A Cross-sectional study using a questionnaire method to collect data and also of making direct interviews to assess participants' awareness of the importance of antibiotics and abide by the instructions of the doctor

Conclusion: Self-medication, patient incompliance, inappropriate period of use of antibiotic and patient education of antibiotic are major factors lead to emergence of irrational antibiotic use. It was clearly obvious in this study the high rate of inappropriate use of antibiotics due to high percent of self-administration of antibiotics (60%) and non-adherence to instructions by physician despite insufficient background knowledge of its use.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/23956429.ijcmpr20170134