Profile Of Patients Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Bindu Goyal., Bhavna Singla*., Rajesh Bhaskar and Ankit Singla

Background: Various factors affect the incidence of COPD.
Aim: To study the profile of patients of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Material and Methods: The study included 300 patients presented with signs and symptoms
suggestive of COPD. The data recorded for the profile of the patients included personal data such as
age, gender, residence area, socio economic status, BMI, clinical presentation and history of exposure
to various risk factors.
Results: The maximum incidence of COPD was among the age group 51-70 with Male: Female ratio
of 10.54: 1. Mean BMI was 18.584 ±3.77. 154 (51.3%) cases were known cases of COPD, 49
(16.3%) cases had history of tuberculosis in the past, 130 (43.3%) cases were active smokers, 94
(31.3%) cases were ex smokers. The mean duration of tobacco use was 31.5 pack years.
Conclusions: Cigarette smoking is by far the most commonly encountered risk factor for COPD.

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