Primary thyroid hemangioma, a rare entity!

Khadatkar Ashwini., Joshi S D and Sonawane B B

Primary thyroid haemangioma is extremely rare with only a few cases having been reported prior. We are reporting a case of 46-year-old female with history of diffuse thyroid swelling in front of the neck, which was firm to hard in consistency. Ultrasonography (USG) showed an enlarged left thyroid with isoechoic nodule and foci of coarse calcification. Preoperative clinical diagnosis of solitary thyroid nodule was made. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) was inconclusive, & showed blood. Hemi-thyroidectomy was performed. Haemangioma was diagnosed, based on histopathological examination findings. Surgical excision would be the treatment of choice, which provides a good prognosis.

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