Preventive role of β-tcp in dental erosion due to beverage intake

Anupam S Sharma., Chandni Patel and Jyoti Mandlik

Aim : To evaluate efficacy of β-TCP in prevention of tooth enamel demineralisation caused by intake
of carbonated beverage.
Materials and Methods: In-vitro remineralisation potential of β-TCP was studied on a sample of
human dental enamel sections against a control group (n=15 each). Specimens of experimental group
were treated with β-TCP for protective remineralisation over 28 days. Thereafter specimens of both
control and experimental groups were subjected to a simulated acid attack by a cola-based beverage
over a period of 4 days. Energy Dispersive Xray Analysis (EDAX) was used in pre and post
experimental stages to evaluate elemental mineral content of enamel. One way ANOVA was used to
evaluate results.
Results: β-TCPwas found to effect remineralisation as well as protection against acid
demineralisation. The difference in both findings was statistically significant (p=<0.05).
Conclusion: β-TCP was found to be effective in its remineralisation potential and protection against
acidic attacks of carbonated beverage. EDAX was found to be an effective analytical tool for such

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