Prevalence of temporomandibular joint disorders among students of bvdu dental college sangli, india

Amol Karagir., Shridevi Adaki., Kaushal Shah and Swarali Shah

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of temporomandibular disorders among students of BVDU dental college, Sangli, India.

Methods: A Total of 413 dental students of BVDU dental college, Sangli, India were voluntarily participated in this study. Data about the signs and symptoms of TMD and the risk factors were collected using a printed pre-evaluation questionnaires and clinical examinations.

Results: out of 413 students with 29.1% were falling in the age group of 21 years. Maximum participants were females (77%). History of trauma (42.5%) & Psychological stress
(30.5%) were major factors of TMJ disorders. 7.5% cases had TMJ noise on opening of jaw. 3.9% cases had discomfort in opening of the jaw while 1.9% had discomfort during side to side movements of the jaw. 4.1% cases had history of locked jaw on opening. 8% cases experienced muscles fatigue during mastication while 5.1% cases had pain in the nape of neck.

Conclusions: Early diagnosis and prevention of future complications associated with TMDs is key for successful TMD treatment and any pathological damage to the site

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