Preliminary phytochemical and antibacterial studies of bark extract of Soymidafebrifuga (roxb.) Juss

Ignace Kindo John Britto S., Marandi R.R., Mariat George, and Emasushan Minj

Soymida febrifuga (Roxb.)A. Juss. of the family Meliaceae traditionally used for the treatment of
various diseases. The present study focuses on the screening of the preliminary Phytoconstituents
and antimicrobial activity of barks of S. febrifuga. The screening of the phytoconstituent was
carried out by dilution extract of 1gm/ml respectively and antimicrobial activity was performed
by using disc diffusion methods. The preliminary phytoconstituents showed the presence of
Alkaloids, Carbohydrate, Flavonoids, Glycoside, Phenol, Saponins, Steroids, Tannins and
Terpinoids. The results shows that the antibacterial activity of aqueous extract acetone and
methnolic bark extract have maximum inhibition zone against most of the pathogenic bacteria.
While chloroform, ethanol and petroleum ether showed moderate activity against some of the
pathogenic bacterial strains. The streptomycin was used as control.

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