Post dengue fatigue syndrome

Umakanth M

Post dengue fatigue syndrome (PDFS) was observed in approximately 25% of hospitalized patients with dengue infection. Important risk factors for the development of fatigue included older age, female sex, the presence of chills and the absence of rashes. Physical fatigue corresponds to the subjective feeling of being exhausted and lacking energy, whereas mental fatigue describes the subjective feeling of being mentally exhausted, incorporating items on concentration, memory, and speech. In addition to that spectrums of clinical features were reported such as poor sleep, body pain, abdominal pain, excessive sweating, morning stiffness, and multiple joint pains. There are no definite guidelines for management of PDFS. However, the number of studies explained the management of fatigue. Fluoxetine has been shown to improve overall symptoms and measures of immune function in one study, however, it was failed in the randomized double blind study against placebo and graded exercise. This study explained the diagnostic and management delimma.

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