Pornography addiction: its pattern and implication among psychiatric population

Manoj Kumar Sharma., Aswathy Das., Thamil selvan P., Marimuthu, P and Hemant Kumar Gupta

Pornography has seen an increase in use among users with psychological problems. The current study attempt to explore the pornography among subjects with psychiatric disorder.75 subjects from inpatient & outpatient setting of psychiatric setting were assessed using background data sheet  and pornography addiction  screening test. It indicates the presence of trend to develop high risk to addiction in 6.67% and pornography addiction in 4% of the male users with psychiatric problems.). Age has a negative correlation with pornography and positive correlation for average time spent on internet with pornography. Pornography (vulnerable, emerging and addiction) are seen more in the people with duration of illness less than 5year. It has implication for exploring the pornography addiction on large sample size as well as evolve intervention for the same.

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