Platelet rich plasma (prp) in treatment of planter fasciitis-functional outcome and results: a prospective clinical study

Deepak Chaudhary and Ravi Gupta

Objective: To assess functional outcome & results of injection of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in
plantar fasciitis.
Design: Prospective clinical study with 3 months of follow-up.
Methods: Clinically proven fifteen patients of planter fasciitis participating in study included in study
according to inclusion and exclusion criteria on OPD basis after getting written and informed consent,
treated by 3 mL of autologous PRP injection at the point of maximum tenderness by single author1,
evaluation of functional outcome and results done by American Orthopaedic Foot And Ankle
Society’s (AOFAS) Ankle-Hindfoot Scale (100 points), VAS scale (0-10 points) and requirement of
pain-killers (at baseline, 1 month and 3 months interval).
Results: Fifteen patients participated in study and reported statistically significant improvement in
AOFAS score from 31 pretreatment level (range, 22 to 63) to 68 (range52-86) at one month and to 93
(range, 85 to 100) by 3 months (p<0.001) improvement in VAS score from 7.4±0.8 points
pretreatment level to 2.3±0.7 at one month and 0.9±0.3 points at three months post PRP injection
follow up.. Mean analgesic use declined from 8.7±2.33 units/week pretreatment to 2.8±1.7 units/week
at one month which further declined to 0.8±0.2 units/week at three month post PRP injection.
Conclusions: A single injection of autologous PRP is a safe and effective mean of treatment of
plantar fasciitis.

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