Pharmaceutical study of ointment conversion of arka taila

Ashish Punde., Ninad Sathe., Paras Golecha and Siddhisha Kurve

Eczematous diseases are very common with an estimated prevalence more than 10% in the general population. 15-25% of all dermatological patients suffer from eczema. Scenario of eczema strikes close resemblance with the signs and symptoms of Vicharchika. Arka taila is effectively used as a topical application in Vicharchika. So the current study is aimed at developing the SMP and standard of ointment conversion of Arka Taila, as it offers a more convenient and widely acceptable alternative for oil. Initially Arka Taila was prepared as per the reference of Sharangadhar samhita. To prepare the paste and juice in large scale; wet grinder, centrifuge machine were used respectively. In lukewarm Arka taila, ointment bases were added & the mixture was stirred till the formation of ointment. Total three batches were prepared and analyzed physico-chemically. In organoleptic analysis, chemical analysis were carried out. In HPTLC analysis, coinciding max Rf were estimated. The processing and preservation of drugs like herbal ointment, creams is for the enhancement of the potency of drug, reduction in the dosage for clinical efficacy, suppression of toxicity and improvement in bioavailability and bio acceptability and also convenience of application.

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