Pharmaceutical study of haratala bhasma

Lavanya S.A and Doddamani M.S

In Ayurveda many metals and minerals have been in usage as medicine since many years. Metals and minerals are in the non-absorbable form which is later converted into absorbable, most effective and non-toxic form using the process of Bhasmikarana (Incineration). The changes in the physical and chemical properties of these drugs are due to the Samskara done through the process of Shodhana, Bhavana, maranaetc. Each and every drug has its own method of incineration as required for its medicinal use. One such inorganic compound is Haratala (Arsenic Trisulphide) which has very specific method of incineration depending on the therapeutic utility. Haratala is considered to be noxious compound if given without purifying and incinerating it. Many media’s have been explained for the incineration process of Haratala among which shuktibhasma is specifically told in the context of using Haratala bhasma for Kushta(Skin Ailments).An attempt is made to prepare Haratala bhasmaas per the classics.

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