Persistent primitive trigeminal artery – a noteworthy intracranial vascular Variant – a case report

Tushar Kalekar., Raunak Raj., Vigyat Kamal and Rajul Bhargava

Amongst the fetal carotid-basilar anastomotic arteries, the trigeminal artery is the most prominent
vessel which persists for the longest embryonic period. This artery usually regresses and obliterates
after the development of the posterior communicating artery. The etiology of the persistence of this
primitive artery in adulthood is not known. Various variants with their configurations and relation to
the rest of the cerebral arterial tree and the other surrounding structures have been reported on
angiographic studies. Persistent trigeminal artery can be associated with many other vascular
anomalies and disorders including aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and carotidcavernous
fistulae. Detailed understanding of the anatomy and angiographic features of this persistent artery is
essential before planning surgical procedures or endovascular intervention for any pertinent
pathological condition near the sella.

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