Original research article- a clinical study of vertigo using Electronystagmography

Muniraju M* and Swati Nair

Dizziness is an extremely common symptom that may be consequent upon a diversity of pathologies.
It is essential to obtain a detailed and accurate history, to perform a full medical examination with
special reference to the ears, eyes and neurological assessment and to institute appropriate and
specific special investigations like electronystagmography. The aim of this study is to document the
electronystagmography findings used in the diagnosis of vertigo. Fifty patients with vertigo attending
the ENT OPD of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital are included in the study over a
period of two years (November 2012 to December 2014). ENG results showed that 32% of the
patients had normal findings, 6% had inconclusive findings, 46% had findings of peripheral vertigo
and 16% had findings of central vertigo. ENG along with clinical examination adds valuable
information in the diagnosis of vertigo and indicates a peripheral or central cause of vertigo.

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