Odontogenicmyxoma: radiographic findings key to diagnosis

PoojaSiwach., GirishPatil and Arush Thakur

Odontogenicmyxomas (OM) are locally aggressive, non-encapsulated and non-metastasizing neoplasms that infiltrate bone marrow spaces. The frequency of OM varies in different parts of the world between 3-20% of all odontogenic tumors. Histopathologically, the OM is characterized by loose, abundant mucoidstroma that contains rounded, spindle-shaped, or angular cells. The radiographic features of the OM are variable, ranging from small unilocular lesions to large multilocular neoplasms. Herewith, we present a case of odontogenicmyxoma in left mandibular body region in a 35 year old female with distinct radiographic presentation.

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