Neural tube defect in diyala retrospective study of 40 cases

Ibrahim Yassin Hussein

Neural tube defect (spinaldysraphism) is an umbrella term used to designate all the forms, open and closed, of spinabifida. It implies, however, splaying of the pedicles and lamiae associated with non-fusion and various defects and disorganization of bony spinal element.
Objective: To evaluate incidence, frequence of occurrence in different level of spine, seasonal variation and consanguinity. To evaluate the result of surgery in patient attendingBaquba Teaching Hospital and AL Hayat Private Hospital
Patients and methods: Retrospective study of 40 cases of NTD treated in Baquba Teaching Hospital and AL Hayat Private Hospital from December 2006 to December 2007.
Results: 40 cases with NTD, occur mostly in males (75%), with seasonal variation, occur mostly in December, January, February (80%), mostly mylomeningocele(80%), (50%) of patient have partial or full movement, mostly involving Lumber region (70%), and (80%) of patient have consanguinity
Conclusion: NTD was of unknown etiology which can diagnosed by ultrasound during pregnancy but the definitive diagnosis may delay till the moment of delivery.
Occurrence of NTD can decreased by several measures and once occur the only treatment was surgical.

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