The misleading superadded tuberculous infection of the mastectomy scar masquerading the scar recurrence and chronicles of treatment: an interesting case report

Sambit Swarup Nanda, Madhup Rastogi., Ajeet K Gandhi., Pradyumn Singh and Satyajeet Rath

Introduction: Superadded tuberculosis infection in post mastectomy scar recurrence is very uncommon. Differentiating scar infection of TB from tumour recurrence remains a clinical challenge and needs a high degree of clinical suspicion, meticulous investigation for active tubercular bacilli and through histopathological examination to detect viable malignant cells.

Case summary: We present a 32 year female patient of carcinoma breast treated with modified radical mastectomy, who developed scar recurrence with superadded tubercular infection. After failure of antitubercular therapy patient was treated with radiotherapy which resulted in complete response in scar site.

Conclusion: Coexistence of TB and malignant scar recurrence is a rare but possible clinical scenario.
An unhealthy postmastectomy scar, with TB infection not responding to ATT and no viable TB bacilli needs early radiotherapy. This unique case report further elucidate that events like infection occurring postoperatively may predispose future recurrences whose exact cause and etiology remains unexplained

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