Medicolegal knowledge- an awakening call for dentist

Manoj Mahadeo Ramugade, Praneeta Kamble and Rasika Abhijit Naik

In the past golden days doctors were considered as demigods. Treatment done or advised by the doctor to cure the disease was accepted by the patient without any doubt in the mind. Unfortunately, if any undesirable event occurred during the course of treatment; it was well accepted by concern people without blaming that doctor. However, in the present era of increasing health and legal awareness in the society particularly in urban population, patient fail to consider doctors as life saviour but treat them as service providers for monetary exchange. The doctor-patient relationship has undergone a drastic transformation after enactment of Consumer Protection Act (CPA), enabling the patient to sue the doctor for negligence. This may have debilitating effects on doctor's professional as well as social life. Hence, it is need of the time for medical professionals to keep themselves updated with the legal aspects of the medical practice.

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