Maxillary Lateral Incisor With Three Root Canals: A Rare Case Report

Rajendra Daule., Nilima Landge., Kalpana Kanyal., Darshan Hiremutt and Sachin Katwe

Maxillary lateral incisors usually exhibit a single root with a single canal. Anatomical variations of a
tooth are occasionally encountered and can occur in any tooth, including maxillary lateral incisors.
This makes it imperative for the clinician to be able to identify the variation in the internal anatomy
of the tooth being treated. These cases of variable root canal anatomy can be treated well by
nonsurgical endodontic methods. This case report presents the endodontic management of permanent
maxillary lateral incisor with three root canals which could be differentially diagnosed as fusion,
gemination, dens invaginatus or a combination of these.

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