Limited urethral mobilization (lum) and modified tubularized incised plate (tip) urethroplasty in distal penile hypospadias repair; a comparative study

Sabbir Karim., Abdul Aziz., Ashrarur Rahman., Sultana Parvin and Samiul Hasan

Background: Hypospadias has a wide spectrum of penile abnormality requiring surgical correction. Most of the cases are of anterior variety and the surgical technique depends on constructing neo urethra like Snodgrass method but Limited urethral mobilization (LUM) technique depends on the natural elasticity of the urethra instead of constructing neourethra.
Objective: To compare the outcome of Limited urethral mobilization (LUM) technique and modified Snodgrass method in distal penile hypospadias correction.
Materials and method: Total 103 patients were divided into two groups by non randomized convenient sampling technique.68 patients were in Group A and operated by LUM technique. Group B included 35patients and operated by modified Snodgrass method. Post operative complication like urethrocutaneous fistula, persistant chordee and meatal stenosis for both groups were compared.
Results: The mean age of the patients were 46.60 ± 31.15 months, ranges from 8 to 126 months. 1 patient in Group A developed urethrocutaneous fistula on the other hand 5 patients developed uc fistula. 3 patients in Group A developed meatal stenosis and 3 patients develop persistent chordee. On the other hand 2 ptients in Group B developed meatal stenosis and 1 patient developed persistent chordee.
Conclusion: LUM technique is effective and useful in selective cases of distal penile hypospadias where penile length is adequate. Instead of forming neourethra LUM technique depends on the elasticity of natural urethra.

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