Isolation and identification of oral microflora and studies on their biofilm production ability and antibiogram pattern

Pratibha B. Adhau and S. N. Zodpe

Oral bacteria play an important role in body and the bacterial genus streptococcus is the dominant microflora commonly found in oral bacteria community. A biofilm is a complex structure that can be found almost everywhere associated with water. Present investigation has been carried out to study the biofilm producing organism from normal and infected oral flora and further study of their antibiotic resistance pattern. The main objective of the study was to isolate and identify the oral microflora and their biofilm production ability. In the present study total 20 mouth samples were collected from different area. During the study different samples were collected including different age group people, age group under consideration for the study was ranging between 22-16 years,We obtained 9 isolates from different samples namely S. aureus, M. luteus, Lactobacillus species, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, S. Marscence, Veillonella parvula, Streptococcus mutans, Bacillus subtilis. The isolate were screen for the biofilm formation and was evaluated qualitatively by Congo red agar medium and tube assay method. Antibiotic sensitivity testing was performed using the Kirby -Bauer disk diffusion method. Overall results revealed that Ciprofloxacin is the best antibiotic in controlling the oral infection.

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