Investigation of the type of bacteria l.pneumophila in water systems of fivestar Hotels in istanbul

Yasin Hasan Balcıoğlu., Esra Billur Balcıoğlu and Pelin Yüksel

This study was performed to understand the terms of the bacterium Legionella spp of the major
hotels’ water in Istanbul and to prevent new cases and epidemics in the same hotels. In our study,
there is a marked increase in March in the samples obtaining from air conditioning return water of A
five-star hotel. B is a five-star hotel in a room in the months of January and February were
reproduction in the shower water, C, D and E in the samples taken from five-star hotel compared to
the month in general, a reproduction was found. Despite of the fact that samples were taken on
different dates from some of our hotels, the continuous Legionella bacteria are found. According to
obtained by examining statistics, it is been in the opinion of protection methods from Legionella are
not implemented adequately in our luxury hotel. In this study, it is aimed to introduce the importance
of valuing to the human health and as a result of our study on the water systems of the hotels it is
stated expressly that European and World-class hotels having high quality in Istanbul do not show the
necessary sensitivity to human health.

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