Intramuscular gingival lipoma: a rare case report

Sachin Mangalekar, Sagar J Shah, Someshwar Golgire, Amol Karagir and Sandeep Patil

Lipomas are most commonly occurring mesenchymal benign tissue tumors in humans but their occurrence intraorally is exceedingly rare (0.5 to 5%). The etiology remains unclear but many theories have been proposed. They are classified according to their location and histological appearance. Gingival lipoma has the least rate of occurrence of all the Intraoral Lipomas (2.0%). Treatment of these lesions remains essentially same, i.e. complete excision of the tissue. Recurrence of the lesion is rare and it does not undergo malignant transformation. Herein we present a case report of an extremely rare subtype of Intraoral Lipoma occurring on gingiva and floor of mouth which was treated with soft tissue diode laser along with brief review of the literature. This paper is an attempt to further the knowledge of this rare disease, highlight their clinical appearance and histological variants while discussing different treatment modalities for the treatment of the same.

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