Indices for recording gingival enlargement/ overgrowth: a chronological review and update

Ankita K Kotecha and Jitendra Kumar Pehalajani

gingiva, clinically appreciated as a swelling of gums. This swelling can be attributed to either increase in size or number of cells which is clinically indistinguishable. Therefore, certain histopathological terminologies such as Gingival Hyperplasia or Hypertrophic Gingivitis, used formerly, have been cast off. It is a very common feature associated with gingival pathology. Various aetiologies such as drugs, inflammation, physiology, systemic diseases and neoplasm have been identified to be causal in development of gingival enlargement. Apart from identifying these etiological factors, assessment and recording the gingival enlargement plays an equivalently significant role in treatment planning. Numerous researchers have proposed respective indices to record the overgrowth. We will discuss these indices to measure the gingival overgrowth in the present informative review article.

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