Indices for measuring dental fluorosis: a review

Radhey Shyam., Manjunath BC., Adarsh Kumar., Ridhi Narang., Mamta Ghanghas and Saumya Singh

Dental fluorosis, a specific disturbance in tooth formation and an esthetic condition, is defined as a chronic fluoride -induced condition in which enamel development is disrupted and the enamel is hypomineralised. Different indices have been introduced to assess the prevalence of dental fluorosis and there by the harm caused by it. These indices has been used to carry out analytical studies examining risk factors for fluorosis, the dental risks and benefits associated with fluoridation, the effects of adjustments in water fluoride levels on fluorosis and age at which individuals are at risk. These indices also helped to carry out the investigation of risk factors for dental fluorosis, risks and benefits of fluoridation and other fluoride exposures, the affect of dental fluorosis severity on caries susceptibility, and trends in fluorosis.

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