Incidental findings in maxillofacial region: a radiographic study by using opg

Begum Shamshad., Ranjan Vikash., Chhibber Needhika., Taretia Rangoli and Arshad Faisal

This radiographic study was done in order to report the incidental findings in North Indian population using OPG as radiographic modality in patients who came with other dental complain with total time duration of one year from october 2015-october 2016. A total of 1045 OPG were analyzed by two observer separately, out of which 134 radiographs showed incidental findings with total number of 29 varieties of orofacial abnormalities. Out of 29 varities, 14(48.28%) affected mandible, 10 (34.49%) varieties of abnormalities affected maxilla, 2(6.9%) abnormalities affecting both maxilla and mandible and 3(10.34%) other bony and soft tissue findings. Most common type of dental pathology is asymptomatic impacted mandibular third molars i.e 31(23.13%) cases and least common are antrolith, calcified lymph node and condylar hypoplasia as only single case of each pathology was detected. The decision of choosing of OPG as radiograohic modality is based on the fact that orthopantomography is still widely used radiographic technique and includes wide range of orofacial structures.

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