Gastrocutaneous fistula secondary to long-standing retained intragastric foreign body (toothbrush) – a rare case report

Aftab S Shaikh., Girish D Bakhshi., Arshad S Khan., Amarjeet E Tandur., Dhiraj Patil and Nilofar M Jamadar

Ingested foreign body present a common clinical problem. More than 80% of ingested foreign bodies which reach stomach pass uneventfully through gastrointestinal tract. The remainder may cause complications such as obstruction, perforation and haemorrhage. It is a common problem in children but also seen in adults. We present a rare case of gastric perforation due to toothbrush in 86years old male, presenting as a foreign-body-induced gastrocutaneous fistula in the form of a chronic discharging sinus and intraabdominal abscess. For which exploratory laparotomy was done and toothbrush was retrieved. Follow up at 2 years was uneventful. The patient had similar history of toothbrush ingestion 30 years back and underwent emergency exploration of which details are unavailable.

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