Fungal protease assay of chickpea and pigeon pea

Ashok S. Kandhare

Green gram, Black gram, Pigeon pea and chickpea are common pulses in diet rich in carbohydrates,
proteins and minerals. Numerous fungi affect pulses adversely causing reduction in seed content and
seed health. During present study, effects of enzyme metabolites of six common and dominant seedborne fungi of test pulses on seed health of Chickpea and Pigeon pea are evaluated. Total seventeen
fungi recorded from all four test pulses. Out of these seventeen seed-borne fungi, six were found to be
common and dominant on all four test pulses. These common and dominant seed-borne fungi
produced protease enzyme in variable quantity, which helped the fungi degrade the seeds and
ultimately affected seed quality and yield of test pulses. Common and dominant seed-borne fungi of
pulses tested for their protease activity against Chickpea and Pigeon pea.

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