Free epithelialised soft tissue autografts - applications in periodontology And implant dentistry

Priya Lele., Rohini Mali., Pallavi Patil., Shilpa Chaudhary and Vishakha Patil

A knowledge of periodontal plastic surgery procedures is a must in clinical practice. Root coverage
procedures, ridge preservation/reconstruction, maintenance / reconstruction of interdental papillae,
esthetic soft tissue surgery around implants are procedures that clinicians should be familiar with so
as to impart the best treatment outcomes to their patients, either by themselves or with the help of a
specialist. These surgeries are quite technique sensitive. However, proper case selection, delicate
handling of soft tissue and meticulous execution of surgical steps increase the predictability of
outcome of these procedures. In the present article, we present cases where the free epithelialised soft
tissue auto grafts have been used in various clinical situations. The patients were treated at the
Department of Periodontology, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Dental College and Hospital,

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