Formulation and evaluation of salbutamol floating tablets by

Ruhina Tanweer and Faizan Sayeed

The objective of our work is to formulate a sustained release dosage form of Salbutamol by using floating drug delivery technology. Floating tablets has been useful for sustain or controlled release of drug. Under the present work we have planned to formulate a floating drug delivery system using different polymers & its evaluation studies were carried out.
From the 10 formulations we found that the formulation containing carbopol (F7&F9) were showed the better sustain release when compared to the other formulations. The floating time of formulation range from 8.15 to 12 hrs has and the Swelling Index of different formulations range from 1.78 to 16.15.
Hence it can be concluded from the present study that Salbutamol is an ideal drug for formulation as sustain release product. Floating drug delivery system have the property of retaining the dosage units in the stomach for prolonged period of time, and these systems increase the safety of a product to extend the side effects of drugs.

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