The eye drops’ osmotic concentration and their utilization in keratoconjuntivis sicca treatment

František Dorko, Pavel Giacintov, Renata Giacintová, Aneta Giacintov, Pavel Rezek and Alžběta Grussmannová

Sicca syndrome, or more precisely keratoconjuntivis sicca, is a multifactorial disease which is bound to the conditions of neighbouring environment, and also tends to be associated with variety of both local and systemic illnesses. Dry eyes syndrome leads either to unpleasant subjective difficulties, or worse, to the affection of the visual acuity or the outer part of an eyeball. Nowadays, dry eyes syndrome is considered to be a lifestyle disease. According to a number of sources, up to 20% of patients show signs of this disease. Prevalence grows increasingly after fifty years of age; women tend to be inclining to this disease twice more than men.

By the essential illness’s early diagnosis and treatment complemented with appropriate preparations, we can contribute to improvement of quality of patient’s life and prevent creating serious complications which are violating the visual acuity. It is the TearLab machine, which measures the osmotic concentration of patient’s tears in an outpatient and non-invasive way, that is instrumental in a quicker diagnosis and choice of a correct preparation. Based on measured value of patient’s tears, the doctor appoints the suitable and convenient choice of preparation according to the osmotic concentration.

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